GAPS Rankings

This ranking system assigns points to Wins, Strength of Schedule, Margin of Victory, Top 25 wins, and Strength of Conference to produce a final ranking. It utilizes a 12 game season and does not take into account conference championship games. It is interesting to note that it produced the same 4 teams as the CFP Selection Committee, although in a different order. The selection committee chooses the four teams for the playoff based on strength of schedule, head-to-head results, comparison of results against common opponents, championships won and other factors. This ranking system does not factor in head-to-head results which may explain why the CFP ranking had Baylor above TCU. The Sagarin Ratings appears to reward strength of schedule and playing top ranked teams over Wins and while I agree with most of its ratings particularly with the SEC teams I have a hard time with Florida State ranked as # 15. The GAPS points are allocated as follows:

Wins 3 points 3 points for each win
Margin of Victory .5 Point Applied to every Win of 14 points or more
Top 25 Wins 1 point each Applied to every Top 25 Win (AP Poll)
Strength of Schedule 1 Point each Applied to every Win against a team with a record of .500 or better
Conference Points See Table in spreadsheet Determined by Total Wins/#of teams in conf x 2

This is the result of the rankings. Included are the top 10 CFP + Marshall:

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Sagarin Ratings
AP Poll
Coaches Poll

Complete Schedules, Results, Scores, Records for the listed teams. (Provided by screenshots from the iPhone App "Gridiron 2014")
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