Gridiron 2022

A handy iPhone and iPad app for all FBS college football fans.
Get it at the App Store or iTunes.
For all 131 FBS college football teams!

      14th Season!

Designed for super-easy navigation.

The app has:
  • "living" 2022 football schedules that "evolve" over season
  •       (jump schedule-to-schedule)
  •       (see last-season's outcomes)
  • list of underway scores compiled every minute
  • pre-stored stadium seating charts
  • listings of all games to be played on any day
  • current conference records
  •       (see last-season's final conference records)
  • current rankings of top 25 teams
  • updates for records, start-times and final-scores

For support, send an email to:

iPhone screenshots:

iPad screenshot: (from week 2 of old season)